Southern Utah is synonymous with the great outdoors, and the great outdoors is synonymous with family activities. Don’t let your kids miss out on all that Southern Utah has to offer. Here are three of the best family activities you can enjoy during your stay at Sand Hollow Resort.


1.   Sand Hollow Reservoir


Few reservoirs can compare to Sand Hollow Reservoir. That’s mainly because of the sheer diversity of the environment. Southern Utah may be known for being a desert region, but when was the last time you heard of scuba diving in the desert? You can do that at Sand Hollow State Park. Do you enjoy zipping around in a speed boat or wave runner? Sand Hollow offers that as well. Whether it’s kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, or simply spending a relaxing afternoon in the sand, Sand Hollow Reservoir remains one of the best destinations for any family looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


2.   Sand Mountain


Do you remember being a kid and dreaming of being an astronaut? Well, you don’t have to travel millions of light-years to enjoy the terrain of Mars when Sand Mountain is right in our backyard. Red sand dunes give Sand Mountain a distinctly timeless atmosphere that seems otherworldly, and that’s because it is. Conveniently located right next to Sand Hollow Park, Sand Mountain is as challenging, exciting, and breathtaking as it is unique.  You won’t find it anywhere else like it on this planet!


3.   Zion National Park


Did we save the best for last? Not necessarily. However, we couldn’t overlook one of the most popular attractions in all of Utah. Visitors to Zion National Park comment that it is as beautiful as a painting, and we agree. It’s hard not to feel inspired by the sheer majesty of Zion, where ancient sandstone cliffs meet the open sky,. There are very few ecosystems in North America quite like Zion National Park, which maintains its own unique animal life and vegetation. While we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention its history museum, the real experience comes from experiencing the park at night. Under a canopy of stars, Zion can transport you to an altogether distant past you can’t experience anywhere else but Southern Utah.



Family. Adventure. Discovery. Sand Hollow has everything you need to make your Southern Utah getaway unforgettable. Book your stay today!