It’s a common question we get here in Hurricane. What’s the best time to visit Southern Utah? The answer is simple. There isn’t only one good time to visit.


If that answer surprises you, it shouldn’t. Year-round, Southern Utah’s weather is perfect for any activity—indoor or outdoor. Whether it’s hiking, fine dining, golfing or skiing, you’ll find no shortage of unique experiences that only Southern Utah can provide. You’ll find friendly faces, scenic landscapes, and unique amenities.


But the best time to visit Southern Utah? That depends on what you’re looking for.


Spring in Southern Utah


One of the biggest surprises for first-timers to Southern Utah is the contrast in weather, and springtime is a great example. You can ski and golf in the same day, choosing from ten nearby ski resorts or dozens of golf courses.  For hikers, Southern Utah’s national parks are renowned for some of the most breathtaking views and unique features, and there’s no better time to visit than Spring.


Summer in Southern Utah


Summer’s popular with visitors because there’s no shortage of seasonal activities; including kayaking down Virgin River, fishing at Quail Creek, or attending any number of outdoor festivals. Be forewarned that it actually is quite hot during summertime in Southern Utah—particularly in July, when the weather can reach well into the 90s. Pack plenty of sunscreens, especially if you plan on hiking; some areas have been known to reach well above 120°F!


Fall in Southern Utah


The fall season in Southern Utah is just as varied as springtime with one exception: it can turn dramatic quickly, with wild thunderstorms careening through the sky one evening, only to be followed by a serene and balmy early morning breeze the next day. Is it colorful? No. It’s vibrant. And nowhere is fall in Southern Utah more vibrant than out in Red Rock Country, which never fails to inspire visitors with a sense of wonder and appreciation for all the majesty of Southern Utah.


Winter in Southern Utah


If you’re expecting frigid, near-arctic temperatures in Southern Utah, don’t bother visiting in the winter! It can be refreshingly mild in one part of St. George, and snowy in the next. Snowy, but never uninviting, particularly in the mountains, where you’ll find some of the best skiing the Rockies have to offer! But if you’re not a snow bunny, don’t worry. There are hundreds of warm, cozy indoor activities to choose from. Whether it’s dining at area restaurants (like The Grille!) or simply relaxing in at a local spa, you’ll find everything you need to keep you warm during winter time in Southern Utah… and then some!


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