Day in and day out, your daily routine can become pretty stale. If you’ve been wanting to shake up your schedule, discover — or rediscover your love of golf. Stop by Sand Hollow Resort for a round, or even make it a habit to hit the driving range a few times this week. The great thing about the game is that no one hole or course will ever be the same the next time you play it, so it keeps life interesting.

Here are a few other great reasons to switch it up and get out on the course:

Exercise the Body and Mind

After working all day, (especially if you work a desk job!) your heart and muscles will thank you for making your rounds on the course. The Sand Hollow Resort Championship Course itself is 7,300 yards! All that walking, lifting your bag, and precise swinging makes golf a great way to get exercise. You’ll get both the doctor recommended heart-healthy aerobic exercise, as well as muscle strength training; all in one round of golf.

Not to mention, the game is also a good workout for your brain! Golfing is a very mental game, forcing you to consider the natural elements, score, and your technique at any given moment.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Ask any golfer and they’ll agree— there’s nothing like the smell of freshly mowed grass on a well-maintained golf green. Plus, here in sunny Southern Utah, you’ll get a healthy dose of vitamin D and a stunning backdrop to your game as you walk the course. You can also reap the many health benefits that come from spending time outdoors, including improved sleep, lower blood pressure, and less depression and anxiety.

Go Solo or Take a Group

Golf is a great sport to enjoy with family and friends. There’s ample time for conversation between turns and as you’re walking to the next hole, whether you’re discussing ways to improve your game or just catching up on life. If you have beginners in your group, hit up the Links Course for an unintimidating round of golf.

If you’re not feeling particularly social, the great thing about golf is that you can play on your own as well! If you’re used to playing with a group, it’s nice to take some time for yourself and just enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the course.

Improve Your Game

It’s always good to push yourself to improve by squeezing in some extra practice when you can. Golf is a very personal game, so if you’ve got some time on your hands, head over to the course and brush up on your game with these three tips to help you golf like a pro.


It’s never a good idea to take your stress of the day home or dwell on your worries. Relieve some of that stress and head to the resort! The serene views from any one of our three courses and driving range will instantly help put your mind at ease.

Network and Improve Business Relationships

It’s a well-known fact that golf is a common sport for career-focused people. Why? Because of the benefits listed above, it’s appealing to many and presents a great opportunity to network. Networking is best done somewhere outside of work to lower pressure and help you build rapport on a personal level.


With all these benefits, it’s a great idea to incorporate golf into your regular routine. And, you can even learn some valuable life lessons to improve your overall quality of life.

We love seeing our regulars here at Sand Hollow Resort, and hope you’ll join them in stepping out of the office and onto the golf course! Book your tee time today.