World-famous skylines have met their match in Southern Utah, a desert paradise of spectacular views. Whether you’re a photographer on the hunt for your next epic shot, or you’re seeking an adventure with a gratifying view at the end, look no further.

Surrounded by some of the area’s most stunning scenery’, Sand Hollow Resort is the ideal location if you’re seeking an aesthetic oasis.

Sand Mountain Dunes

Picture of Sand Hollow Sand Dunes








Photo courtesy of Utah Office of Tourism

Step outside your front door at Sand Hollow Resort and you’re face-to-face with the Sand Mountain Dunes. Ride across naturally groomed sand and crawl over Slickrock to gaze across the horizon from the highest point of the dunes. If you’re not comfortable questing alone, tours are available. Call (844) 404-3260 for tour times, rental fees, or to book your reservation, today!

Yant Flats (Candy Cliffs)

Yant Flats








Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Nicknamed the “Candy Cliffs,” the Yant Flats look like the desert colors were spilled across the landscape by Willy Wonka himself. This spot is truly a hidden gem, located less than 30 minutes from the resort in a small town called Leeds. Nestled in the foothills of Pine Valley Mountain, a short one-mile hike will take you to the flats. From there, you can explore the swirled sandstone landscape like a kid in a candy store!

Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park









Photo courtesy of Jack and Jill Travel

Snow Canyon State Park has it all at your fingertips— majestic views, hiking, rock climbing, and caving! The subtle interplay of light and shadow in the desert canyons make it a photographer’s paradise whether you’re equipped with your DSLR camera or a smartphone.

Book a local excursion to Snow Canyon State Park by calling 844-404-3260 today.

The Wave

The Wave







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Located on the Utah-Arizona border, “The Wave” attracts sight-seekers from all walks of life to the Coyote Buttes. Sculpted by wind erosion, The Wave transports visitors to a mystical land where solid rock billows and dances around them.

In order to surf these sandstone waves, however, you’ll need to obtain a day permit in advance. This $7 per person permit system helps the Bureau of Land Management maintain the grounds and keeps crowds to a minimum.

Kolob Canyon










Photo courtesy of National Park Service

Venture out to the gorge that runs through Zion National Park or drive up the canyon and discover a woody haven and serene reservoir by the same name: Kolob.

Located in Zion National Park, the lower Kolob Canyon is characterized by its sheer cliffs and breathtaking views. But if the hustle and bustle of Zion isn’t for you, head to higher ground for equally beautiful sights much less frequented.


Sand Hollow Resort

Sand Hollow Resort









Last but not least, make sure to check out our personal favorite view: the view from any of our Sand Hollow Resort balconies! The resort overlooks our stunning golf courses and a skyline extending from Pine Mountain to Zion National Park. Units vary from one to six bedrooms and feature plush beds, oversized soaking tubs, large outdoor patios, full-service kitchens and spacious living rooms among other amenities. Book your stay today!