Whether you work a full-time office job or you’re at home with the kids, sometimes you need a break from the daily stress of adult responsibilities.  A quick weekend getaway at Sand Hollow Resort will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.  In fact, a weekend getaway can be just as re-energizing as a longer vacation, but with far less planning required.


Here are a few benefits of a weekend at Sand Hollow Resort.


  • Weekend getaways are much simpler to plan – Unlike extensive vacations that require planning a wide array of details such as flights, hotels, attractions, food, etc., planning a weekend getaway at Sand Hollow Resort is much simpler! When you stay at the resort, all you have to worry about is traveling to and from the resort, planning your activities, and booking your room.
  • You won’t have to use your vacation days – If you work full-time, using the weekend to get away means you don’t have to use up your valuable vacation time.
  • It’s a good excuse to disconnect – In a constantly connected world it can be hard to put your phone down, especially if you receive a steady stream of emails or text messages during the day. Short weekend trips are the perfect excuse to disconnect and step away for a little while, as you won’t be missing anything too important over such a brief period of time.
  • You’ll worry less – It can be stressful to step away from work for a week and return to dozens of emails to answer and projects to complete, but a short weekend getaway means you won’t have to catch up on anything when you return to the office.


Sand Hollow Resort offers the perfect location to rest, rejuvenate, and relax! Grab your golf clubs and get ready for a weekend on the golf course or rent an ATV and enjoy a few hours on the sand dunes. Whichever adventure you choose, Sand Hollow Resort is ready to welcome you for an unforgettable getaway!