If you are planning a corporate retreat, leadership meeting, training session, or team building event for your employees, look no further than Sand Hollow Resort. With more than 900 breathtaking acres and a variety of venue options, Sand Hollow Resort offers ample space for a memorable meeting experience.

Here’s four reasons why more and more companies choose Sand Hollow Resort for their  company retreats:

  1. A new location helps regain focus

Healthy breaks and a change of scenery boost overall productivity, and let’s face it, our scenery can’t be beat! Spending a few days at Sand Hollow Resort will help your employees regain their focus and dedication. Plus, improved focus leads to improved productivity!

  1. A retreat encourages bonding and teamwork

Get your team offsite and outdoors for team building activities and adventures that provide opportunities to recharge and reconnect including:



-UTV tours

-Paddle Boarding

-and more!

  1. A change of routine encourages creativity

Let’s face it, the normal, everyday office routine gets stale and stagnant.  A corporate retreat at Sand Hollow Resort is a welcome change of pace that fosters enhanced creativity and innovative thinking!

  1. Corporate retreats re-energize your team

A corporate retreat builds relationships and brings new energy to your team. After a few enjoyable days of meetings, activities, and team-building experiences at Sand Hollow Resort, your employees will be reinvigorated and reenergized!

If you’d like to plan a corporate retreat, contact us today and we will help you organize the perfect event! Sand Hollow Resort provides the perfect escape for corporate team building, training and leadership meetings.