Ask any native Utahn, and they’ll agree. Southern Utah is home to some of the most magnificent golf courses in the world. We’re not just saying this to brag. Utah lives and breathes golf. It’s not just a sport. And it’s not just a game. It’s a way of life.


What’s more, golf can actually teach you about life. Unlike other sports where competition takes an essential precedence, for the most part, you’re on your own with golf. You’re in your own element. While that can be somewhat challenging for some of you, it’s also exhilarating.


Self-reliance takes time and practice to master, and it’s no different with golf. Here are five of the most valuable lessons golf can teach you about life.

1.   Simplicity Is Never as Easy as It Looks

Oh, sure. On the surface, it seems simple enough- —  the right force, applied to the right target, with the right iron, held at the right stance. But how many times did you actually fail a stroke? Or send that little ball flying up in the air? Simplicity isn’t always easy. It’s that very sense of humility you acquire through golf which helps keep you grounded in life. Even if you do have a 7-point handicap.

2.   Patience Is A Virtue, But Persistence Is the Key

Along with humility, constant practice may not bring about perfection, but it can teach you a sense of discipline that’s expendable to every area of your life.  Persistence in practicing golf can be as much of a challenge as any other venture in life. However, with persistence comes both adaptability and experience—two of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (and two of the greatest teacher’s you’ll ever have).

3.   Tolerance, Not Vanity

Have you ever noticed just how respectful two players are on the green? How there’s no amount of bragging or trash-talking implied in the sport of golf? No matter what level your own game is at, the good faith and patience you show towards your competitor speaks miles about you. If only all ventures in life could be so good-natured!

4.   Accept the Unpredictable

It’s likely you’ll find a perfect game to be an absolute rarity. Success in both golf and life is never guaranteed, no matter how talented you are. That’s because perfection is never predictable. There’s always going to be circumstances beyond your control, both in life and in golf. Accept them for what they are: indicators of your own resilience and your own capacity for change.

5.   Learning Is A Lifelong Process

Learning doesn’t end with an accredited degree. In fact, it can often occur in spite of it. It doesn’t stop at the end of a round, either. It’s an ongoing process of discovery, of self-knowledge and of self-improvement. It’s been said that golf is a long-term process, and not a goal. That may even be an understatement. However,  the skills you acquire don’t just serve you on the green. They serve you in life, and that reward can be even sweeter than the perfect game.


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