We may be a bit biased, but southern Utah offers some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. This region is a hiker’s paradise with a plethora of unbelievable trails and adventures. From the serious fitness hiker and climber to the casual outdoorsman looking for a new and fun expedition, southern Utah offers something for everyone. And while it’s nearly impossible to truly narrow down the incredible list of hiking excursions in the area, here are a few highlights of some of the memorable hiking experiences you’ll find here.


Observation Point, Zion National Park – 1 Hour from the Resort


It is glaringly obvious why Zion National Park made the list of beautiful hikes in the area. After all, it’s one of the most famous national parks in the country, and its fame is built upon a reputation for stunning national beauty. Unsurprisingly, the park also draws quite a crowd. One of the park’s most stunning hikes, Observation Point, makes the list as it involves a little bit of extra elevation, which helps lose Zion’s crowd and gives you incredible panoramic views of the area. It is a steady climb, about 2,000 feet over four miles, but the view is absolutely worth it.


Fairyland Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park – 2.5 Hours from the Resort


Another staple of the Utah outdoor scene is Bryce Canyon. It’s the state’s smallest national park, but it has a big reputation. One of the best ways to experience this iconic location is on the Fairyland Loop Trail, clocking in at a solid 8 miles. As a loop, the hike can be done in either direction, one offering a shorter and steeper climb while the other direction has a longer and more gradual ascent. All told, the loop sees about 2,000 feet in elevation change throughout the hike. One important note is that there aren’t water sources on the hike, so you need to pack in the water you’ll need for about 4 or 5 hours on the trail.


Kanarra Creek Canyon – 50 Minutes from the Resort


Just outside of the boundaries of Zion National Park, Kanarra Creek Canyon is an absolutely stunning location with multiple waterfalls and swimming holes, which can be a nice refreshment in the summer heat. The trail has a few options to increase or decrease difficulty as you see fit. One thing to note is that this trail does require a permit for hiking, which can be purchased online.


Red Reef Trail, Red Cliffs Conservation Area – Minutes from the Resort


One of the beautiful things about hiking in southern Utah is that even easy and family-friendly hikes can be absolutely breathtaking. The Red Reef Trail is a brilliant example. The short trail crosses a shallow stream (which may completely dry up in parts of summer) and ends at a beautiful waterfall. It is a truly rewarding hike for all levels of hikers.


Sand Hollow State Park – Across the Street from the Resort


Convenient, scenic, and unforgettable, this is a great combination for hiking enthusiasts in southern Utah. The keystone trail winds 12 miles around Sand Hollow Reservoir. The park also offers plenty of other activities, including fishing, kayaking, and bikers. This picturesque park is only a few minutes from the resort , so you can have an incredible outdoor experience and still have time to unwind at Sand Hollow Resort.


These are just a few of the amazing hiking excursions you can find throughout Utah. If you love to hike, southern Utah needs to be on your bucket list.