There’s nothing like playing a round of golf surrounded by glorious views and vibrant fall colors, the crisp air keeping your game sharp. Autumn is the perfect time of year to enjoy golf, especially here in Southern Utah.

1. Ideal Southern Utah weather

The mild desert chill is a welcome change from the summer heat. It’s cool enough to leave the nuisance of sweaty polos behind, but still warm enough to only need a light jacket in the morning.

Unlike our northern neighbors, Southern Utah rarely sees snow, so at Sand Hollow Resort, we enjoy the best golf weather all year round.

2. Find peace on an uncrowded course

Summer crowds have dwindled, and the entire resort is a bit more serene. It’s easier to book tee times for any level, from Sand Hollow Resort’s award-winning 18 hole Championship Course, to one of our premier 9 hole courses, including the Links Course and the Wee Course. Enjoy your own pace of play with fewer crowds on some quieter, more peaceful fairways.

3. Late-season relaxation

Leaving most tournaments and qualifiers behind us for the season, the pressure of the score is finally letting up. Now is the best time to dedicate some extra practice to the areas of the game you may have struggled with earlier in the season. With a clear mind and less stress to shoot on par, you can focus on your swing in the moment.

4. Unparalleled views

Perfect your swing against the stunning backdrop of the coral sandstone and the fall foliage where the red rock meets the green. At Sand Hollow Resort, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by so much natural beauty, you might end up abandoning your clubs for a camera. Pair the geographic wonders of natural sandstone cliffs and mountain ranges with the autumnal changing of the leaves, and you’ve got an unbeatable view.

Plus, shorter days mean enjoying brilliant desert sunsets from the 18th tee of the Championship Course.

5. Firmer greens

As temperatures drop and the ground firms up in dry Southern Utah, you can bank off some extra roll on the fairways. Enjoy a little help from Mother Nature and let the firmer greens carry you as the season comes to a close.


Visit Sand Hollow Resort this fall and see for yourself why fall is our favorite time of year for golf! Contact us today to start living out your autumnal dreams on our award-winning greens.