If you love to golf, then you’ve likely wondered what it would be like to play in the PGA. What the pros don’t tell you is how much work it took for them to get there.


You might have the natural talent of Tiger Woods; but even Tiger didn’t spring from the womb armed with a holy nine-iron and a million-dollar contract. It took time, determination, practice, and discipline to nurture his innate talent. With an emphasis on discipline.


Do you still think you have what it takes to become a professional golfer? The odds are stacked against you—by an estimated 98 percent. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you don’t have to be a pro golfer to play golf like a pro. Here are three tips that can help you get started.


1.   Establish Your Routine


For many non-golfers, the amount of discipline both pros and hopefuls put into their game is surprising, but it shouldn’t be. Because golf isn’t a contact sport, the focus isn’t on your opponent. It’s on the perfect swing. And that perfect swing is a lot harder than it looks.


Routine is as fundamental to golf as it is to your professional and family life. You may not have the sort of schedule that allows for a daily five-hour practice on a professional course. That doesn’t mean you can’t develop a regular routine around your game. Whether it’s four hours every other Sunday at your local course, or twenty minutes after dinner practicing your putt in the backyard, a healthy routine develops both skill, detachment, and persistence; three traits critical to improving your game – even if you’re nowhere near a professional level.


2.   Seek Guidance, Not Compliments


Pro golfers know they can’t train alone, but there’s a tremendous gulf between finding a coach who can kick your game into shape and simply looking for empty words of encouragement.


Finding the right coach can be as much a question of temperament as it is a question of credentials. A coach is there to challenge you and help you improve your game based on his own hard-won experience. More importantly, the right coach can help diagnose the weak spots of your game with a critical, but open eye. If your handicap is low, try finding a coach who can help you improve your swing speed. You’ll find that even the slightest shift in body weight and pressure can drastically increase both your overall performance and help you achieve a consistent speed.


3.   Play Where the Pros Play


We won’t criticize public and private golf courses. We can’t. Not only can they provide ample hours to improve your game, but they can also help you meet other golfers who have more than a few handy tips they’re willing to share. They’re invaluable resources on both an athletic and social level.


But pros play on different terrain. Challenging territory. And some of the most challenging and rewarding terrain you’ll find is right here in Southern Utah.


Our Championship par-72 course at Sand Hollow Resort is 7,300 yards of scenic beauty nestled in the southwest desert. It allows you to experience all the natural splendor of Southern Utah while providing a superior, professional-level game. There’s a reason why we’ve been ranked as the number one course in Utah for over ten years. Once you experience it, you might ask yourself why all courses can’t be more like Sand Hollow Resort’s Championship Course.


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