Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. At Sand Hollow Resort, we want to ensure that it’s not just romantic, but unforgettable.

Location is one of the most important factors when planning a wedding. It’s not enough to simply promise you’ll devote yourself to your partner for the rest of your life. You need the perfect setting to emphasize the love and unswerving faith of your union. Everything needs to be flawless—from the decor to the service, and from the lodging to the weather. That’s why over 25,000 couples got married in Southern Utah last year. There’s nowhere else like this red rock landscape on the face of the planet.

Why Choose Southern Utah For Your Wedding Destination?

For one, it’s easily accessible. Not only is it in close proximity to I-15, but there are numerous airports in the immediate vicinity, including St. George Regional Airport and Cedar City Regional Airport for guests flying in from all corners of the world.

However, the primary attraction for couples looking for the most memorable wedding backdrop imaginable is just that—the beautiful backdrop of Southern Utah. In addition, the temperate climate, averaging no more than 9 inches of rainfall throughout the year, makes Southern Utah the ideal place to host a wedding.

There are few places in the world better suited to say ‘I do’ than Southern Utah.

Where to Host Your Wedding in Southern Utah

Ironically, it’s the venue that can present the biggest dilemma in hosting a Southern Utah wedding. While Zion National Park may be the chief attraction, not everyone wants to hike through rugged terrain in the middle of July (when temperatures regularly reach in excess of 90 degrees) to share in your picture-perfect moment.


Even more challenging is trying to coordinate a wedding party of more than two dozen people. Wedding facilities tend to be booked a year in advance, even those that offer less scenic views.


That’s why Sand Hollow Resort is the perfect location for your Southern Utah wedding. The resort is home to one of the most beautiful clubhouses in America. Sand Hollow Resort boasts one of the most unique backdrops for a wedding in the country, where red sandstone cliffs welcome the open breeze, and a panoramic view allows you and your guests to catch every breathtaking moment of the majesty that is Southern Utah. Whether you prefer our desert cove Rock Bowl or our 2,000 square foot clubhouse, you’re guaranteed to have one of the most unique wedding locations in all of North America—and a time you’ll never forget.


Along with the spectacular scenery, Sand Hollow Resort offers an award-winning dining facility that has been dazzling visitors with sumptuous meals for over a decade, and an onsite pro-level golf course that provides some of the best golf in the country. Complete the package with luxury overnight accommodations and your guests won’t just feel at home., they’ll feel downright pampered.


Explore. Escape. Relax. And fall in love all over again at Sand Hollow Resort.