Location, Location, Location. When it comes to both real estate and event planning, venue selection is critical. An ideal venue sets the stage for your event and influences the entire experience for your guests. Sand Hollow Resort offers several stunning venue selections that are the perfect choice for events of any size! Check out our checklist below to help you select the best venue for your event at Sand Hollow Resort.

1. Location

The right location for your event depends on a variety of factors, including accessibility, transportation, local attractions, weather, and ambiance. Located in Southern Utah, Sand Hollow Resort is in the epicenter of outdoor adventure!  Our stunning event venues offer beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, and a private oasis for your guests. The location of your dreams is nestled in our red rocks.

2. Date Availability

Availability is one of the first things to consider when choosing a venue.  Do you have flexibility with your date or are you limited to a specific weekend? Our event staff at Sand Hollow Resort is happy to check our calendar and let you know which of our stunning venues are available on your date.

3. Capacity

Begin your venue search with a preliminary guest list or an estimated number of guests you expect to attend. Since capacity can be a limiting factor, finding the right-sized venue is crucial. At Sand Hollow Resort, our venue options range from an outdoor hidden oasis surrounded by the beautiful red rock of Southern Utah and accommodating up to 500 seated, to an intimate observation deck suitable for up to 200 guests. Our 4,000 square foot Penthouse Suite offers a panoramic plateau perfect for a wedding ceremony of up to 100, or our lush green Driving Range accommodates up to 5,000 guests.

4. Indoor or Outdoor?

Consider both indoor and outdoor options, as each lends its own unique feel to an event. The Rock Bowl, which is surrounded by towering red rocks, offers a secluded, private feel, while The Clubhouse, with unobstructed views of the grand fairways, gives off a chic and modern vibe. Consider the location, surroundings, and style of the venue to determine what suits your needs.

5. Layout

Envision the layout of your event to determine if the venue lends itself to what you have planned. For instance, if you’re looking to have dinner inside, but you also want to take full advantage of the stunning outdoor scenery, consider The Most Beautiful Clubhouse in Utah.” Seating up to 120 guests indoors and adjoined by a covered outdoor gathering area that seats an additional 80 guests, the Clubhouse is the perfect pick for a hybrid indoor/outdoor event.

6. Catering Services

Consider your dining plans and take a look at menus and beverage options. Onsite catering makes serving guests a breeze and eliminates the need for finding caterers for your event. Our full kitchen can accommodate any culinary needs, including customized event menus. Get in contact today to discuss food options.

7. Amenities and Services

Consider the amenities that will be critical for your guests and the success of your event. The type of event you are hosting will determine your need for things such as a full-service kitchen, televisions, WIFI access. The Sand Hollow Resort event staff brings a wealth of experience to your event, and they will help you decide what amenities and services will be necessary.

8. Ambiance

Atmosphere is everything, and the mood of the venue can take your event to the next level. Sand Hollow Resort’s venues can all be magically transformed and dressed up or down to create a mood and match the ambiance of your event. From a casual driving range fundraiser to an all-out gala, we’ll help you set the stage for the perfect event.

9. Guest Lodging

If it’s a multiple-day conference or a late-night soirée, think about your guests’ accommodations. Sand Hollow Resort offers a variety of suites, condominiums, and vacation homes. Our accommodations are well-appointed and comfortable, supplied with everything your guests need to feel right at home. Each suite, condominium, and home is surrounded by gorgeous views of the lush green golf course and red rock landscape.

10. Cost

When it comes to venue selection, cost is one of the crucial determining factors. At Sand Hollow Resort, we offer a wide variety of cost options to fit any budget. We can help you find the perfect venue that works best for your event and budget.

For help planning your next event at Sand Hollow Resort or to book your venue, contact us today!